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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Epes fun gornisht (Something from Nothing) aka "Hob ikh mir a mantl" - a song about making do with what you've got.

Jewish shoemakerNow that I've decided it's important to have subtitles on my Yiddish videos, I'm going back to the first ones I made, when I first started performing with Aviva Enoch, before we made our cd I Can't Complain (But Sometimes I Still Do), and adding captions to them.

This one for instance:

My friend Scott Davis had told me the story of the classic, well-known and well-loved folk song "Hob ikh mir a mantl" (I Have a Coat). I loved the story the way he told it and looked up the song. To my displeasure I discovered that (a) it had an undesirable la-la-la type refrain and (b) the story was not as good as the one Scott had told me...

... so I wrote a melody and adapted the text slightly to reflect Scott's version. This is the result. You can get the sheet music and mp3 if you like:

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