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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Yamtsa daritsa a tsa tsa - Pesach Burstein's hit of the 1930s

Burstein has been featured on this blog many times, because his songs were popular in Warsaw (where he was known as the Vilner Komiker!) between the wars. This song was not printed in any of Zhelonek's books but it's from the same era - though he probably continued to sing it throughout his career.

I have to give huge thanks to Arye Mechachem's Cornucopia of Yiddish Song, a Youtube channel with unusual and wonderful songs, and some of them (like this one) even have transliterations in the comment section. Thanks, Arye!

It is rare for somebody to have the skills and take the time to write down the words from these recordings, and people who do so are tayerer fun gold.

I couldn't find information about this recording online, but I did see that the refrain appears in a famous Russian book from 1930, the Golden Calf: "There was tram number ten / Someone died on the site / Pull-pull the dead / Lamtsa-dritsa-tsa-tsa-tsa." It's also pointed out that this refrain appeared before the revolution in the collection of 1921 "Couplets of the Russian army in the Turkish emigration."

Here's the recording I made, adding transliteration and translation on screen:

Transliteration and translation after the jump

A modner tants iz haynt aroys in yedn shtib in yedn hoyz
Me tantst dos tentsl di kleyns un groys
Lamtsa-dritsa atsa-tsa
Alte yidn, yunge kinder vos zey kenen, tantsn, zingen
Ale heybn un tsu shpringen
Lamtsa-dritsa atsa-tsa

Alt un yunge, oreme, raykh,
Ver s'iz krank un ver s'iz shvakh
Ale tantsn tentsl glaykh
Lamtsa-dritsa atsa-tsa
In Amerike iz dos gemakht, a tentsele a voyl, a prakht
Me tantst a tentsl bay tog, bay nakht
Lamtsa-dritsa atsa-tsa

Ya bay, dos tentsele iz zeyer git.
Es reyts zikh, es dervaremt zikh dos blit
Es tantst haynt a yeder, groys un kleyn,
Yo, vayl dos tentsl iz zeyer sheyn. (2x)

Afile oykh mayn vaybl Sheyndl,
Fun fornt trogt zi a golden tseyndl
Tantsen, tantst zi mit a kheyndl
Lamtsa-dritsa atsa-tsa
Bay nakht ven ikh vil ruik lign,
Af gikh hoybt mir mayn vayb tsu shrign
"Kum shoyn tantsn mitn nign!"
Lamtsa-dritsa atsa-tsa

Dos lebn iz dokh azoy zis! Makht mit mir mayn vayb a shmies,
Un heybt on drigen mit di fis
Lamtsa-dritsa atsa-tsa
Vil ikh esn, zogt zi neyn, farfirt mir glaykh in di tseyn
Dos tentsl vil zi ibergeyn
Lamtsa-dritsa atsa-tsa

Mayn shokhns moyd iz zeyer a blase, shtendik iz ir noz a nase
Tantsn, tantst zi zeyer a mase (a lot)
Lamtsa-dritsa atsa-tsa
Un tantsn se geyt zikh zeyer fil, khapt a bokher in der shtil
Un tantst mit im v’azoy zey viln
Lamtsa-dritsa atsa-tsa

Di mame shrayt tsu Got arof! "Gedenkzhe, tokhter, her shoyn of!
Ikh zog vest hobn a shvartsn sof
Fin lamtsa-driza atsa-tsa
Di tokhter kumt aheym tsu geyn,
Zi ken nit af ire fis nit shteyn
Zi zogt der mamen, "S'iz gesheyn!"
Lamtsa-dritsa atsa-tsa

A strange dance is going around these days
In every room, in every house
Big and small, they're all dancing it
Old folks, young kids
are dancing and singing however they can
Everybody starts jumping

Old and young, poor, rich,
Anybody who's sick or weak
Everybody dances the dance the same
It was made up in America,
A fine dance, a pretty one
They're dancing it day and night

Oh boy! The dance is very good.
It gets your blood hot and jumping
Now everybody's dancing it, big and little,
Yes, because the dance is very nice

Even my wife Sheynd
(She has a golden front tooth)
She is dancing charmingly.
At might we want to lie down quietly,
Quickly my wife begins to shout:
"Come dance to the tune right now!"

This life is so sweet!
My wife chats with me
And starts thrashing with her feet.
I want to eat but she says no,
She kicks me in the teeth -
She wants to review the dance.

My neighbor's girl is very pale,
Her nose is always wet
She really dances a lot.
And there's lots of dancing.
Grab a boy on the sly
And dance with him as much as you like.

The mama cries out to God above!
"Remember, daughter, just stop!
I tell you, it won't end well."
The daughter comes home,
Too tired to stand up on her feet.
She tells her mother: "It's too late."


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