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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dos kind ligt in vigele (The child lies in the cradle) A lament af yidish.

I found this song in the Beregovski collection, page 290. You can hear it sung by Pinchos Segal (aka Pierre Pinchik) on a 78 available at the FAU Judaica Sound Archives (click link to listen) at about 1/3 the speed I sing it, and with organ accompaniment.

Here's the translation:
The child lies in the cradle with cried-out eyes; the mama lies in the earth, her legs stretched out No mother, no soul.

the child lies in the cradle and, faint, sucks; the mama lies in her grave with shards on her eyes

Who will pet you, my child? Who will clean the crib?

Who will clean and dress you, my child? Who will make your bed, my child?

Who will dress you and adorn you, who will take you to school?

Who will raise you to be a good person? Who will bless you under the khupe?

I went out to all the pharmacies, I thought - the Angel of Death will not come to kill the mother.

I traveled on all the ships over all the oceans. I thought - I'll be able to buy a mother for a little orphan.

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