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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Meyerke mayn zun - a famous Yiddish folk song

This song, found in the Zhelonek collection, is thought of as a folk song but was probably written by Rabbi Levi Itschak of Berdichev. (It's the song parodied in "Nokhumke mayn zun," which is on "In Odess," the first Itzik Zhelonek cd I made earlier this year.)

Recordings of "Mayerke mayn zun" are generally available: for instance, click to hear the lovely rendition at SavetheMusic.com (free): Jan Peerce sings Meyerke Mayn Zun. I have the album pictured, it's great, I particularly love the tiny orchestra that accompanies him. Jan Peerce (born Joshua Pincus Perelmuth) was a famous operatic tenor but he sang Yiddish very beautifully.

Or, you can hear the other famous version (free) at the Florida Atlantic University Judaica Sound Archives: Isa Kremer sings Meyerke mayn zun.

One or both are available on iTunes.

I can't do better than Jan Peerce or Isa Kremer so I won't try. I have the sheet music, translation, and words for you if you want them. Click below!

You can find the translation at Batya Fonda's website.

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