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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Di meydlekh fun amol (The Girls of Yesterday) - an obnoxious song once made famous by Pesach Burstein

Click to listen to and/or buy this song from our cd Lebedik Yankel.

Di meydlekh fun amol reminds me of the Blind Lemon Jefferson hit, "Why Do You Bob Your Hair, Girls?" and it is equally obnoxious though without the religious tone. Girls of today! They cut their hair, they no longer wear dresses with trains - in fact their skirts get shorter all the time - they wear powder and they boss their men around. Etc. Honestly, guys, chill.

Our new live Yiddish music video (with English subtitles) of "The Girls of Yester-year" after the jump....

Randy Kloko drove up from Florida last year to record with me, and this month to do these two performances, the first time we ever presented this music and his first time ever with my band Mappamundi.

It was Herman Fenigstein's recording that Itzik Zhelonek cited in his booklet. It was Pesach Burstein whose version I transcribed. In 1925 Charles Cohan recorded the song as Git mir die maidlach fun amol, crediting it to Louis Gilrod.

If you'd like the words, translation, and sheet music, click "Get the sheet music".

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