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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mr Malakh Hamooves, ikh bin busy - so says Nellie Casman

UPDATE: A year later, I'd gotten several Yiddishists to help me with the lyrics and we recorded the song, see that post: Mr Malekh haMoves ich bin bisi by Nellie Casman.

I'm hoping for some help figuring out the Yiddish cursive here. My first attempts are under each picture.

Click the pictures to enlarge them.

part one of first verse:

kh'hob geshribn verter, muzik, lider zeyer a sakh
un gezungen far di yidn un oykh goyim glaykh
di velt heys (probably halt) mayner lider voyl di ? kards? a ? print
nor aza min "dayink" (dying) vi ? hob ikh keynmol nisht fardint

part two of first verse:

gekumen iz dos vayl ikh bin zeyer 'busy' on a shir
un dos iz ven der malekh derhert dos glaykh fun mir
tsu shtarbn bin ikh oykh tsu 'busy' trakht mikh ikh ba zikh
ven der toyt kumt on tsu geyn zog ikh "Nit tshepe mikh..."


Mr Malakh Hamoves ikh bin 'busy'
Tsu shtarbn iz dokh gornit azoy 'easy'
ikh darf geyn tsu a khasene ikh darf geyn tsu a bris
a bisl tsu a 'dancing'? darf ikh nokh geyn tsu fis
Mr Malakh Hamoves ikh bin 'busy'
Gey avek fun mir vayl ikh ver 'dizzy'
kh'bin a mentsh mit a sakh moyre ikh gib? a seyfer toyre
Mr Malakh Hamoves ikh bin busy un 'dat's all'


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