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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lost song from pre-war Warsaw: Dem rebns shirayim

I'm hoping to find the melody for this song. Wikipedia says:
During a tish, the Rebbe sits at the head of the table and the Hasidim gather around the table. In large Hasidic movements, only the Rebbe and his immediate family, plus a few close disciples, partake of the actual meal, but small pieces of bread, fish, meat, poultry, farfel, beans, kugel, or fruit, as well as small cups of kosher wine or other beverages, are distributed to all present as shirayim.
If you know this melody please contact me!

Az der rebbe nemt pravn tish
Makht er dos mit groys kavoneh
Un a teler mit frishe fayerdike fish
Rukt im unter dem gabbai khen ey ey
Der gdul hdur fartipt in makhsheves
Gor on a breg, farzukht er fun di dogim
A shtikele nor un shenkt us for di khsidemlekh avek

A shtupenish, a shparenish, a khapenish
a loyfenish vert baym heylikn tish
di yidelekh zey yogt zikh
koym vos zey dershlogn zikh
tsu khapn a brekele fish
oy men git zikh a derkvikele
Men makht mit yedes shtikele
Men krigt a neshome a naye
Men lekt nokh mit di tsingelekh
pamelekh git di fingerlekh
es iz poshet a mekhaye
un der vos hot nokh nisht farzukht fun rebns shirayim
der hot nokh in zayn lebn gornisht gegosn
dakht zikh vos, dakhts zikh fish
nor posete dogim un dem tamUn der gdul hdur fartift in
hot es punktlekh vi der levyosn (Legendary giant fish)

un vi me potert op fun di fayerdike fish
gibn di sarvers glaykh a loyf
un a groyser filmesik tantst aroyf oyf dem tish
mit a frishnke feter guter of (bird)
un der gdul hadur fartift in rayoynes (thoughts, ideas)
un in hoykhe dimyoynes
farzukht fun dem gshur a shtikele nor
fartift zikh in di heylike rayoynes

A shtifenish a khapenish a shparenish
a loyfenish vert dortn on a tsol
yidelekh zey yogn zikh koym vos zey dershlogn zikh
khapn a brekele of
un men git zikh a derkvikele
men makht mit yedn shtikele
men krigt a neshoma a naye
un men grizshet op di beyndelekh
mit di alte thseyndelekn
men smoket az s'iz poshut a mekhaye
un der vos hot nokh nisht farzukht fun rebns shirayim
dakht zikh lebt umzist op zayne por yor
dakht zikh vos, dakht zikh a poshet shtikl fulke
dakht zikh a poset shtikl boser
un der tam iz punkt vi der shur hbur ay ay ay

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Blogger melinama said...

Lorin Sklamberg pointed out to me that the structure of this song is very much like that of "Khsidemlekh Zingen" which was also by Yosele Kolodny. Perhaps he used the same tune for both.

November 28, 2012 at 5:48 AM  
Anonymous Batya said...

It reminds me of the song "Der rebemit di khasidim" in Vinkovetsky, vol.3, p.114 - which pokes fun of the shirayim.

January 31, 2013 at 3:42 AM  

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