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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Available for digital download: Cabaret Warsaw

I'm really happy that our cd is now available for download: Cabaret Warsaw digital
. (Click the link to listen to any or all of the cuts for free).

Here are the songs we recorded (all available to be previewed on the site above):
  1. Ja bez przerwy smieje sie: I just keep laughing (Szer-Schlechter) 1:52
  2. Nu, a daygeh: What, is that my problem? (Burstein) 1:56
  3. Bo to sie zwykle tak zaczyna: That's how it always starts (Ferszko-Front-Schlechter) 4:33
  4. Yosl un Sore-Dvoshe: The sunflower seed tango (Gordon-Broydo) 3:17
  5. Madame Loulou (Waldau-Tom) 3:44
  6. Vaser: Water (Petersburski) 3:15
  7. Stara Piosenka: Old song (Benatzy-Tuwim) 4:07
  8. Nisim, nisim: Miracles, miracles (Broderson-Kon) 2:27
  9. Opium (Gold-Wast) 3:42
  10. Vokh Tyokh Tyokh (Lebedeff) 2:32
  11. An eytsele tsum vaser-treger: Advice for the water-carrier (Broderson-Kon) 2:32
  12. Upic sie warto: Only boozing is worth it (Asanowicz-Hemar) 2:49
  13. Varshe: Warsaw (Rumshinsky-Perlmutter) 2:20
  14. Pokoik na Hozej: Quiet on Hoze street (Daniowski -Tuwim) 2:28
  15. Der Kashtenboym: The chestnut tree (Folman-Perlov) 2:59
  16. Rebeka (Biaostocki-Wast) 3:41
  17. Der Dales: Mr. Poverty, Nikodem (Olshanetsky-Starski-Jacobs) 2:52
  18. Beser in troym tsurik: Better go back in the dream (Shayevitsh) 2:59
  19. To Ostatnia Niedziela: The Last Sunday (Petersburski-Friedwald) 4:17
  20. Sex Appeal (Gorska-Wars-Starski-Korn-Teuer) 2:33

I'm planning to do features on these songs, one by one, over the coming weeks. Meanwhile, hope you'll take a minute to go over and listen!


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