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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sex Appeal! Sung (then) by Benzion Witler and Adam Aston - now by Mappamundi!

Another song which was popular both in Polish and in Yiddish - in this video, doing the song for the first time, we were nervous and we rushed a bit.

Stefania Gorska and Henryk Wars wrote the music. The Polish lyric is by Ludwik Starski; the Yiddish lyric is by Igor S. Korn-Teurer, more famous for serious Holocaust poetry.

I'm updating this post because I was asked for the words and translation for the Yiddish version of Sex Appeal and you can get them too:

You can see the originals here:

Eugeniusz Bodo singing "Sex appeal" in drag and here's the Yiddish: Menasze Oppenheim singing "Sex Appeal" in 1938.

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