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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sung in Warsaw Poland in the kleynkunst revues, 1933

UPDATE: Three years later, I have found melodies for almost all these songs (and many more collected by Pinkhes Sapir and Itzik Zhelonek. I've recorded many of them, and I've put the whole 126+ songs into a book called Yiddish Songs from Warsaw 1929-1934. Read more at the Yiddish Emporium site I put together for my projects.

The original post read:

This is the "Inhalt" (Table of contents) from one of the little books I got copies of from the National Library in Jerusalem (at great expense!). The title means "The treasure of Yiddish theater and gramophone recordings, couplets and songs, gathered by the artist P. Sapir, sung by the best Jewish artists..." If you have information on these songs or artists, I beg you to leave me a comment!

Der oytser fun yidishe teater un patefon
Kupletn un lider
tsuzamengeshtelt fun artist P. Sapir 1933
gezungen fun di beste yidishe artistn: Feld, Lebedev, Ludvik Zats

Gey, makh, az es makht zikh nisht (Yitskhok Feld)
In dr'erd dos shnayderay (Yitskhok Feld)
Ikh halt nisht derfun (M. Bozshik)
In Odes, in Odes (Aaron Lebedev)
Lebedik, freylekh
Tsirele, Mirele (Aaron Lebedev)
Oy, mame, shlog mikh nisht
Ludvik zats als badkhn (Ludvik Zats)
A kale-bazingen (Peysakh Burshteyn)
Duet Roza Huki (Regina un Bozsik)
S'iz nisht geven un s'iz nishto (Ludvik Zats)

Dos Yidishe Lid (Molly Picon)
Menashe (Moyshe Kosvitski aka MOSHE KUSEVITSKY)
Der vaser-treger
Leybke fort keyn amerike (M. Brodetski)
Dos iz di libe (Yitskhok Feld)
Di eybike mame (Lucy German)
A kidushin-ringele (I. Grinhoyz)
Mir voyle yingelekh (M. Hermalin)
Soni-boy (oyf yidish) (Al Jolson)
Ikh for aheym (Yukhoved Zilberg)

Gest, gest
A khazn a shiker (Morris Schwartz)
Handel, handel (Iberg. I. Feld)
un nokh andere


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