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Thursday, April 21, 2011

What happened to the song "Nie można kogoś wiecznie zmuszać do miłości" by Zygmunt Bialostotski?

In Issachar Fater's book ""Jewish Music in Poland between the World Wars" he writes that one of Zygmunt Białostocki's great hits was "M'ken nisht tsvingen tsu keyn libe" (One can't be forced to love), and that it was made famous by Eugeniusz Bodo under the Polish title "Nie można kogoś zmuszać do miłości."

The Bodo fanatics deny that he ever recorded the song.

Michael Aylward, discographer extraordinaire, wrote that the song was recorded under the somewhat different title "Nie można kogoś wiecznie zmuszać do miłości" by Adam Aston and also by Tadeusz Faliszewski, both on Syrena-Electro. However, the discs themselves have not appeared yet. I keep hoping. I hate hearing that something was a great hit and now it's completely disappeared. Bret Werb consoles me that if it's disappeared this completely, it probably wasn't that great a hit...


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